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Are the increasing demands on your life impacting your ability to perform at your best?

In a world filled with growing demands, a reliance on mobile-enabled devices and technology and the resulting information overload, ambiguity and constant change – is your personal wellbeing taking a back seat? Are you performing at your best?

KPMG’s Performance Clinic can help enhance productivity, wellbeing and employee engagement.

We focus on four key areas:


The way you think


The way you work


The way you eat and move


The way you balance stress


Keynotes and Conference Experience

The science of high performance is based on KPMG Performance Clinic’s personal performance program that is data-led, fact-based and backed by research to increase the performance and productivity of individuals, teams and the whole organisation. Learn more

Personal Best

Our signature program for up to 200 people over 12 weeks to build capacity and help teams function as a high performing team through an increase in workforce productivity, wellbeing and engagement. Learn more

Keystone Habits

Some habits matter more than others in shaping organisations performance culture. These are what are known as Keystone Habits. Keystone Habits are the habits that trigger wide spread change and influence how people work and live. Learn more

Interested in starting your journey?

Our programs connect with the heart and soul of your most valuable asset – your people. We work with a variety of approaches and techniques to help individuals and teams to adapt and tackle the challenge of managing the pressures of professional life and work balance.

To design and discuss a customised program contact us.

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